I have been through the httyd tags on Redbubble ever since it was just one page. I have never seen this design uploaded before mine, and for a good reason too, because I hand drew it.
It is also very obvious it was traced because I am VERY precise with my art (mainly lineart), especially if it’s a logo of some sort. I drew half of the image and copied and flipped it so that both sides will be even, and I continued this process over and over again for the place in the middle where they meet.
The next closest skull logo that was added on redbubble was a red, grungey skull I believe by thisisbrooke but the last time I’ve been there I did not see anything with the httyd2 skull by itself. The overall look of hers is also different from mine.
I don’t know who this is, but I’m pretty sure she just took one of the things I made and made me look like the thief because I joined a month later (but idk if this user was active just now or just reupload the design on an old upload, idk how it works I forgot).
Idk if the other designs on her account are hers or not and I could not personally check it myself due to the current situation I am in.
I have also removed the skull by itself designs due to the trademark thing. I don’t know about the others though, especially the one up there since it has something else, but I might just remove it since it still holds the skull. As for the others with the top and lower portions separated, idk. And I also don’t know what to do with the profit since people bought stickers of the tail. I don’t think it’s right if I take it so it’s just there atm.
But I did not take any stock photos or whatever because there were none, so I had to look up pictures and rewatch videos for the right shape and dimensions. One of the eyes actually was smaller than the other before I realized that they weren’t ahahaha. It was just a weird angle/ fold in the ref I used. Don’t know if I have the SAI file with the sketch anymore tho.
Proof that I have made them should be in my archives around March or later. If it has reblogs you should check them to make sure I didn’t edit them. I reblogged them to xipeu but idk if you can edit photosets so me changing the photos on the reblogged posts should be unlikely.
Such a crappy night man.

I saw my redbubble thing and now I’m really confused if I’m involved in something or not…